Spring has (almost) sprung, the grass is (almost) riz, I wonder where the flowers is?

Why in fact there are here:


.. and here:

(Rooftop Garden at my Office)

Yes! The Daffodils have FINALLY graced us with their presence! (I don’t know what the  other flowers are other than they are pink…) Daffodils are such happy flowers!

It was kind of sad to watch the daffodils coming up this year. They started poking up through the ground part way (sometime in January I think) when we hit a warm patch and then stopped half in half out of the ground until we got through that last bout of snow a couple of weeks back. But groundhog fear not, maybe I don’t have to wring your mangy little neck for lying about spring coming early. Maybe you spoketh the thruth(eth)!

I am in major vacation countdown mode now (4 more working days and counting!). Of course we still don’t have the passports back which means we are going to have to assume that Plan B (San Fran) is now our Plan A and starting making some hotel reservations and praying for half decent weather. If they come and we still find a last minute deal for SoCal then we go back to original Plan A. Eh, whateverrrr I just want to get the heck outta dodge for a while!

Come ON vacation!

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