Saturday night field trip

I went on a field trip to the station again yesterday. I think the last time I was there was back on Christmas Eve, so sufficient time had passed. I mean it’s fun to go there every now and then but it’s really like putting in another work day without actually working if you know what I mean?

I decided to bake some chocolate chip cookies to take with me and as usual they went over well. One of the reporters said to me “Ah you know the way to TV people’s hearts!” yeah hardly anyone will refuse a cookie (including bankers, trust me. I know.)

This visit was a little more lively than usual as Tom was switching the newscast rather than working in the graphics room (which on the weekends has Tom and the Graphic Artist) and is a lot more quiet. This meant we spent the bulk of the evening in the control room which has a lot more action and a lot of really nice, fun people; some of who are real characters. I had a better view of the newscast too as the studio/newsroom was right behind where I was sitting.

On the air

I have to say I really enjoyed myself last night. It reminded me a lot of when I used to visit the station when Tom worked at Telemundo in LA. I loved the people down there even though I couldn’t understand a word of the newscast (it was in Spanish). The crew all spoke English to me and were nothing but gracious and inclusive but being Canadian they were all convinced I also loved hockey.. um, that would be a no. Here I have the benefit of also understanding the newscast. Bonus!

Speaking of Telemundo. Before they moved to their new location in Burbank, they were taking some pictures of the crew at their stations. This is Tom’s classic picture goofing around for the camera.

Hard At Work

Just for fun we recreated it last night..

Classic pose on the switcher

Yeah, ok, we’re dorks.

We hit Denny’s for a quick dinner, then spent the remainder of the dinner break watching TV and drinking some Timmy Ho’s

Post dinner coffee

Post dinner

Tom’s back at work tonight which means we each have four more work days before our vacation. We’ve booked the cats into jail, er, I mean kitty kamp and a hold has been put on our mail this time so we don’t come back to a stuffed mailbox. All we have left to do is, yanno, book the trip! Nothing like last minute huh?

One last crossing of the fingers that the passports come on Monday! Geez this is driving me nuts!

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