Eugene to Aptos California – Day 2 of Spring Break trip 2007

As we had made it to near the border between Oregon and California we expected we would make it to the resort by nightfall but it was still a good haul in the car to get there. None of us slept all that soundly but we were well rested enough and eager to get to our final destination.

We decided to pass on the breakfast of biscuits and gravy (blech) and opted instead for some Rotten Ronnie’s grab and go breakfast.

California is a long-ass state and we weren’t even going to be driving the entire length of it (but been there done that) and today was looking like about 12 hours before we would get to Aptos.

Along the I-5 are some spectacular views of Mount Shasta.
Mount Shasta

I had to zoom in a bit to bring it up close from the car but not bad eh?

We stopped in Redding for lunch and ended up driving around once again trying to find the ‘fast food row’ of the town. I knew there was supposed to be an In-N-Out in town and really really wanted to have lunch there but we couldn’t find it. We ended up stopping at Carls Jr which just wasn’t the same. Tom joked that we would probably pass by it on our way out of town and damned if we didn’t.
Cos we couldn't find the damn In N Out (in Redding)

My nose was all but pressed to the glass when we drove by. Ah so close and yet so full!

After a very long drive (poor Tom!) we finally got to the windy road that led us to the resort. We arrived just as the sun finally sank into the sea and we got to see an amazing deep purple sky with palms in bold silhouette.

After we were all checked in we drove over to our suite in the “Villa” wing. We were really pleasantly surprised by the place and I ran around taking pictures before it ended up looking too ‘lived in’. We found the first bedroom alright but found that there was ummm only the one and only one bathroom too. We called the desk and they sent someone over to unlock the second rooms. Not sure why they were locked but it was quickly resolved.
Here are the pictures from the first night:

Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom in Condo at Seascape Resort (Deluxe Ocean View)
Second Bedroom
Second Bedroom in Condo at Seascape Resort (Deluxe Ocean View)
Living room/Dining Room and view into Kitchen
Living room in the condo at Seascape Resort (Deluxe Ocean View)
Kitchen in condo at Seascape resort (Deluxe Ocean View)
Master Bath
Master Bath in Condo at Seascape Resort (Deluxe Ocean View)
Second Bathroom
Second Bathroom in condo at Seascape Resort (Deluxe Ocean View)

The decor was ‘beachy’ nothing I would have chosen myself (I was mentally redecorating as I walked around I have to admit) but it was a lovely place. Once we went out on the balcony and heard the pounding surf, saw all of those stars and the lights in the distance we were in love with the place. We were dying to see what the view would look like in the daytime but for now it was up to our imaginations.

We had stopped along the way and picked up Tom’s favourite Bourbon to take home (you can’t get it here in BC) and some wine to enjoy when we arrived. We decided to bundle up and sit outside and drink in the sea air along with our wine. We laid back in the chairs, sipped our wine and smiled at each other. Man this was going to be great!

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