Spring break 2007 – Day 3

Our first full day in Aptos, after opening the balcony door and just STARING for a while listening to the sounds of the morning ocean, decided the day should be spent checking out the local area and the resort itself.

We drove over to Santa Cruz and found a Jeffrey’s which I guess is a local IHOP or something. Sitting there and watching the clientele we realized that there is a LOT of seniors in Santa Cruz. It must be THE place to retire or something.

After breakfast we found a local triple A and got some local maps to figure out the best way to get to the Santa Cruz boardwalk. As it was off-season the boardwalk amusement park wasn’t open but the boardwalk itself was. We easily parked the car and took a stroll down the pier. We were lucky enough to see some seals or sea lions (not sure what they were) go by. All of us had our cameras and took some shots off the pier.

Santa Cruz Boardwalk amusement park:

Santa Cruz
The Boys taking photos
Santa Cruz

In between dodging shit-shooting-dive-bombing-seagulls we took lots of pictures between all of us. The views were fantastic. Lots of kitchy shops as well, I managed to get an awesome sweatshirt that was so boofy and soft and warm and I’m happy to say DIDN’T shrink after it was washed and dried. Tom got a hat and Chris bought a shark tooth necklace. He almost didn’t get a chance to buy it when in typical fashion as we were leaving a store we get this “Oh sure we’re leaving the store without giving ME a chance to buy something” tude from Chris. Ummm since when are we mind readers boy? Speak UP!

We realized we made the best decision not to book a hotel right in Santa Cruz near the boardwalk as it is SO touristy and we wouldn’t have the solitude and quiet we were going to enjoy in Aptos. It was near enough and far-away enough to be perfect.

Near the funky Stonehenge-ish statue there was some fine example of local beach bums who were a wee bit scary but otherwise it was a nice area.

Santa Cruz

We did a slow drive by so I was able to take a few shots of the rides a bit closer up. They were covered in maintenance men doing their thing prepping it for the season opener which I’m guessing wasn’t too far away.

Santa Cruz Boardwalk

Tom found a seaside drive route on the local map and we took it back stopping along the way to take pictures at a cliffside lookout area where the waves pounded against this rocky area that jutted out and formed a semi-circle that trapped the water. There were what seemed like thousands of seagulls and other types of birds playing in the wind and creating quite a racket. You have to view the picture large to see what I mean. This was just a small sample!
Santa Cruz

We stopped off at the local Safeway (they have them there too!) picked up some softdrinks, snacks, quick breakfast stuff and a few other necessities and headed back to the resort to do some exploring.

Chris decided not to join us so Tom, Sean and I set off to walk the grounds and find the path down to the beach. The sun was hiding behind clouds when we got back to Seascape but it made the water more dramatic and the walk quite bracing.


Tom stayed further up on the beach but Sean and I walked out towards the surf and spent a lot of time dancing backwards avoiding the waves coming in to keep our shoes dry.


Tom was taking pictures of us doing this and at one point had me turn around and wave to the camera. Of course this meant that my back was to the ocean and an incoming wave. Two seconds later my feet and the backs of my legs were soaking wet. THANKS HON!


Here is a video taken during our walk.

We decided to take advantage of the local area Chinese place, the food wasn’t bad and it gave us the opportunity to spend more time in our little home away from home.

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