Spring Break 2007 – Day four

Our second full day at Seascape began with rain and plenty of it. Strangely enough, for once, the weather channel was correct.

We had planned accordingly knowing that at least one of our days would be spent touring the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose and what better day than one with rain? I had been there years ago when Chris was around 2, and Tom had been there before also, but this was a place the boys were particularly interested in seeing and we were all for it.

The tour begins in a door across the courtyard from the gift shop which meant we had to do the hundred yard (ok maybe more like twenty step) dash through the pouring rain and pile in with the others in our tour group to the relative shelter of the entrance-way (it was leaking). We began the tour and between the four of us took a whole lot of pictures of crazy.


Mrs Winchester's buggy

I love the history of that house and its decor reminded me a lot of the victorian style place we stayed at down in Columbus Georgia, The Rothchilds-Pound House bed and breakfast, but of course the Winchester House is whole lot bigger and grander in scale.

The tour followed a lot of what I had seen in the past but some of the more interesting areas were no longer on the tour for some reason. Maybe they were on the ‘behind the scenes’ tour which we didn’t bother taking. Some people find the place kind of creepy but I don’t I love the fact there is something just a bit ‘off’ about that lady.

As we were leaving the sun came out and we never saw the rain again the rest of the time we were there. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect if it tried.

For supper we had decided that we would try to hit up another one of the restaurants on our list and the winner was In-N-Out burger. I tell ya we did a whole lotta touring around silicone valley. Tom commented that factoring in the time and gas these were going to be some expensive fast food burgers! We eventually decided instead of aimlessly driving around hoping to run across one, we would try to  find a phone booth with a phone book to locate one of the darn things. We found out we had practically driven by one of them had we got a bit further down one of the roads. To my great happiness however Chris finally spotted it and we had our burgers mmmmmmm. Why oh why can’t they expand up our way??????

After we returned to the resort we decided to go for another walk, this time to explore the other direction and to hopefully catch us a nice purple sky and sunset. We were treated to some lovely views but there was still a bit too much haze over the water to catch that ever elusive true sunset over the water alas. Still it was sure pretty anyway. We took another gazillion pictures while walking around.






Seriously, we want to MOVE there.

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