Spring Break 2007 Day 6 – Monterey/Cannery Row

Alas, we had reached our final ‘full day’ at Seascape. We didn’t have anything firm plans for this last day, so we decided to head a bit further down the coast and check out Monterey. I’d read about Cannery Row shops and wanted to check them out so I was jazzed about it.

Cannery Row

Cannery Row

We found parking in a local garage and headed on down to the waterfront first to have a look and take some more pictures. We took a LOT of pictures on this trip.


I found the shops there fairly touristy, not really a lot of unique places. I was kind of hoping for a store with some kind of interesting treasures (like I found in Laguna Beach for instance) but we still poked around and I did buy some salt water taffy for me and my Mom and yet another sweatshirt emblazoned with the name of the town (three in total counting San Fran and Santa Cruz).

Cannery Row

We decided to take a walk and check out the area away from the realy touristy spots and ended up at a dock where the coast guard had their boats. At the end of the pier there was a stretch of rocks COVERED in birds. Birds sitting on their nests, birds walking, birds sleeping. Not sure what kind of birds they were either.
Monterey Birdies

Along the way we saw a yellow submarine half buriedĀ  and some pedal cars for rent, neat little photo ops.

Yellow Submarine (Monterey)


We had promised Chris to try and find an Army surplus store (his idea of the ideal souvenir shop) and we managed to find one in the Monterey area just slightly off the beaten path. He was like a kid in the candy store. He had always said he wanted to buy a medal, like a purple heart.. I was all like, yeah you can’t buy medals in army surplus stores. Well, turns out I am wrong. You can, at least at this one. It was like a collector/surplus store.

Some of those clothes were used, some new. I guess I am used to the stores that sell uniforms and patches more than this kind of store. Chris ended up buying a purple heart which he now has displayed on his wall in his room. He was in awe of it and glowed the rest of the day with happiness, taking it out and staring at it a lot.

He is very respectful of it and wonders what happened to the soldier who earned this award. I wondered what made someone sell it. Maybe it was a family member who didn’t see the value in it? The guy from the store thought it could be from the Korean War or maybe WW2 (I’m thinking Korea or Nam personally, I mean it smells musty but I don’t think WW2 musty, but who knows). Well, wherever you are now soldier, your purple heart is cherished and someone in this house thinks of you a whole bunch.

Sean had been dying to have bbq so we picked up some hotdogs for Tom to grill. I didn’t feel like getting into making burgers (I was teasing Tom that I didn’t want to die of E-coli) so hotdogs it was. I’m not a huge fan of hotdogs, ok I kind of hate them, but there was left over pizza for me so it was all good.


The grill turned out to be electric(!) which I guess all in all is safer than propane but it surprised us to find the plug!

After dinner we sat outside for a while to enjoy the last of the sun and watch it slip into the ocean for that last time.


I finally got some colours in my sunset, but nowhere near that gorgeous purple the first night we arrived that I didn’t get a chance to capture darn those hazy clouds!



It was chilly so everyone else went inside. I stayed until the last of the sun went to bed and then went inside to watch Grey’s Anatomy with the rest of the family, well minus Chris who watched his own thing in his room. Oh wait that sounds bad (ha!) watched his own SHOW I should say…

Just before bed we all went outside again to listen to the waves in the dark and imprint the sensations to take back home with us.

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3 Responses to Spring Break 2007 Day 6 – Monterey/Cannery Row

  1. americanuck says:

    Excellent blog. I enjoyed reading it. We’ve been up and down the California coast many times and your pictures do it justice.

  2. americanuck says:

    Hello again fellow “Americanuck” Wayne!

    Oh my gosh we loved this trip (as I’m sure you could tell!) and we are dying to go back. Thanks for the feedback =)

  3. Tom says:

    The oceannnn is callinggg to usssssss!!!!!!

    “Commmme baaaaackkkkkkk!!!!”

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