Spring Break 2007 – The final leg

It was nice and sunny the morning we left Redding. We figured we would treat ourselves to a sit-down breakfast instead of a rushed McDonalds drive-n-eat special, and we had already scoped out the location of the town IHOP the night before so, yanno…we HAD to go.

Breakfast at IHop in Redding

Breakfast at IHop in Redding

Breakfast at IHop in Redding

One thing that pleased me to no end was the colour and flavour the eggs had. I have no idea when the eggs in Canada started becoming so…so… anemic! They are always a pale yellow and I find with very little taste, at least those I can find in the grocery store. I pay extra for ‘premium’ eggs just to get a bit more taste.

I mean seriously, look at these eggs!

Breakfast at IHop in Redding

Ooops that’s Tom again…

Breakfast at IHop in Redding
Ah, there we go…

See! They are so dark yellow they are almost orange and they actually tasted of ‘gasp’ eggs! Fancy that!

We saw a whole lot more of the ‘5’ for a few more hours. The further up north we got, the more it started to rain. Ah yes, the familiar!

We made it up to the outskirts of Portland by dinner which was our planned stop for the night. Instead of going right into Portland, Tom had found that if we stayed in a place called “Lake Oswego” it would save us a bundle. Turns out the rooms were about eighty bucks a night each, a LOT better than the close to $200 or more per room in Portland.

Turns out we ended up staying at another Hilton Garden Inn and it was just as nice,well kept and clean as the last one. I’m quite impressed so far by the chain. I recall the one we stayed in near LAX was nice too.

Hilton Garden Inn Lake Oswego Oregon

Hilton Garden Inn, Lake Oswego Oregon

We learned from our previous attempts to zen navigate and find the chosen restaurant and actually looked up the location of a Red Lobster which was the last sit down restaurant to cross off the list of must visits.

It would seem most of the people in the immediate area had the same though. The place was packed. We didn’t have to wait too horribly long though so it was all good…
Waiting for a table at Red Lobster

After a good night’s sleep we headed out on the last leg of the trip. The rest of the drive was uneventful and we made good time despite the rather overcast and drippy weather. We lucked out and the border line wasn’t too bad and as always I had my itemized lists by category all ready for the Customs Dude. Nobody catches me with my pants down (unless that is the plan). Of course, as usual they didn’t want anything more than the grand total. Our total booty didn’t bat an eyelash as it wasn’t exactly a fortune.

We were pretty glad to get home at a reasonable hour. The boys had work/school the following day to deal with. Tom and I both had the Monday and Tuesday off following our return (heh) but of course we had a mountain of laundry to deal with (including my new clothes yay!).

It’s weird as already it seems so long ago that we were there. It took me long enough to get this all down too. I wanted to before I get too much older and I start to lose my marbles ;)

Next week we are off to Georgia for my business trip for five days. I’m glad that Tom’s coming with me on this one, I always miss him when we’re apart. We did a lot of that in the beginning of our relationship.

I bought a new suitcase, not to REPLACE Bagzilla, rather supplement. Bagzilla isn’t exactly practical for a shorter trip (for a long one yeah bring it on!) but if you over-pack it, it will go over the allowable weight allocation per bag, trust us we know. It has a matching carry-on bag. At first I was ready to pick up an unmatching one. Tom pauses, looks at me and goes “You know that doesn’t match, is that not going to bother you?” Umm ok so he knows me well. I DO like matching stuff. Fortunately the matching carry-on bag was stored inside it at the shop so of course I picked it up too.

As you can see it’s quite a bit smaller than bagzilla..(the carry on is on top of the actual suitcase in this picture)


And as you can see Cinnamon cannot stand seeing something that opens…

Nutmeg had to see what was up…


They hate seeing suitcases, it means the V-E-T-S (jail) for them once again.

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