We’re off to Georgia y’all

Well, I’m all packed..


ANNNNDDDD there is still half a suitcase worth of room, thank you very much. Well slightly less once my make-up bag goes in but still not half bad! Plenty of room to put the results of any shopping I manage to do while we’re down there.

Poor Tom had to work the late show tonight so he’s not going to get much sleep before it’s time to head to the airport. Good thing he can sleep on the plane. I can’t. I hate flying. In fact as much as I should be sleeping right NOW I’m not. So I’ve cracked out a glass of wine to help bring on the sleepiness.

I phoned the Boys to say ‘bye, I always miss them when I don’t see them for a few days! They are spending the week at their Father’s and of course our poor furry children are in jail. Hopefully we can get back in time to spring them a bit early.

The weather is supposed to be near the low 80’s and partly cloudy, at least for most of it. There is a chance of some thunder showers too (blech) but at least I didn’t see any tornado warnings! There was a warning there just last week and a month or so ago one went right through town. All of these warnings occurred just after I watched ‘Twister’ last weekend on TV. Nice!

See ya in a few days!

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