Saturday in the Park


T’was a perfect day for a tip-toe through the dandies…

Tip-toe through the dandis

Sean and I decided to take advantage of the lovely weather and take a trip to a city park.

The signs of spring were everywhere; from the fluffy dandelions to the um, fluffy squirrels.


As we strolled and snapped our pictures, we would run into lots of other people walking their dogs or enjoying the day in their own way and everyone would smile and nod and say hello back when I made eye contact with them. Well all except this couple. They were staring at us when we walked by them so I smiled and said hello. They both kept staring with the grumpiest of expressions and studiously ignored me. Sean found this infinitely amusing, especially when I surreptitiously took their picture. But from the back. I’m not crazy…they were mean!


Hee hee.


Its still early enough in spring that there was a lot more green than colour but there were still some lovely flowers in bloom. I have no clue what the heck kind of flower this is, but I loved the colours.

Don't know what it is but I love the colours

It was a great day. Its too bad Tom had to work and couldn’t join us :(


Chris HAD said he may come along us but at the last minute bailed. Not surprised really he mostly does his own thing these days. I love that Sean still will hang out with his old Mamma though.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and right here are the best presents any Mamma could have….


Happy Mother’s Day to all you deserving Mammas!

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