M is for the many things…

After a nice long sleep Tom got up, put on the coffee and started the preparations for his Mother’s Day pancake breakfast. I sleepily left the bedroom to see a package and card sitting on the table for me. Tom said it’s not the main present, that would be coming tomorrow and I didn’t have it because he did something silly. I dunno what that means either!

Anyway, in the package was a very cute stuffed pig, he knows I love all things pink and pig. I was rubbing his fur and saying out cute it was when it made an oinking noise which surprised Tom he said he had no idea that it oinked. That gives me two oinking pig things in my possession now.





The card was tailor made for him too.. too funny!

Here’s Tom wearing his old man glasses trying to peer at the overly small writing on the side of the Bisquick box.

(camera ham)

A few years ago after a disastrous attempt to take me out for Mother’s Day breakfast not knowing that ever single place in town was crowded to the extreme, he’s taken to doing the ‘at home’ thing and we do a breakfast or dinner “out” on another day. Works for me, I hate crowds. I do the same for my Mom so it all works out.


Chris got up just before they were ready and came in to wish me a Happy Mother’s Day (without any prompts, ahhh he’s growing up) and announced he would be right back. He went into his room and came out with my presents; a spicy smelling candle and a new wine rack! I was touched he remembered once again!

Sean was feeling bad he had nothing for me. Tom had suggested before a nice gift would be to clean up the living-room (their mess of course!).


Well, it sort of got cleaned up after I mentioned it again this morning. *Sigh*, ah well. I think I would go into complete shock if the house were to be cleaned without me asking for it never mind when I do. I can dream though right?

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