A long weekend in May

I love Spring. I know, the weather is all kinds of unstable in Spring and trust me, living in Vancouver rain is no stranger this time of year, but there is something special seeing the trees all freshly ‘leaved’. Okay, maybe I love Summer a touch more, but Spring runs a very close second.

I hitched a ride downtown with Tom yesterday and while he worked I hung out with my best girlfriend. We drank some wine, went for dinner and then walked off said dinner, or at least attempted to. She lives just off one of the main drags on a nice tree lined street. While we were walking we passed bluebells and bleeding hearts in full bloom and some glorious rhododendrons of a deep, almost blood red. Walking there I almost forgot I was downtown. Almost. It was hard to ignore some of the mysterious city smells in the air that no flower in the world can mask.

She’s a true Urban girl, having moved downtown last year after many years of living in a suburb. She is loving the lifestyle of being in the heart of downtown steps away from anything she needs. She says she barely uses her car now, just to do major shops or to drive back out to the ‘burbs to visit her family. Her daughter is all grown up and living with her Fiance so it was her time to live where and do what she wanted. Me? I guess you could call me a suburban girl with a leaning towards small town girl, at least if I had the choice. I take a lot more pleasure in nature than I do bricks and mortar.

Her daughter is planning her wedding for next Summer. Her wedding! I’ve known this lovely young woman since she was five years old, in fact she calls me her other mother. Crazy that we are old enough to have children who get married. Or rather my friend is, I’m a couple of years younger ;) . I just know I’m going to blubber when baby-girl walks down that aisle, I mean geez I blubbered at her sweet 16.

Today was my Mom’s belated Mother’s Day. Mom had requested a breakfast out and that is what the two of us did. Even though the rain was of biblical proportions we actually had a nice time. I had to drive across town, or rather float across town to go get her. I swear my wheels were hydroplaning more than connecting with concrete. Ironically where she wanted to eat is close to where I live so I ended up making two round trips but eh, she was happy.

Tomorrow is cleaning day. I’ve been seriously letting things slide and I really want to give the place a good scrub down. Work stress has left me feeling somewhat drained and I’ve done basically nothing on weekends and while I’ve enjoyed the downtime, my tolerance for messy has just hit maximum threshold. The kids are at their Father’s and there won’t be anyone dropping things behind me while I go so maybe I have a chance of having a clean house for more than 0.3 seconds.

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