And the heads of a thousand A/V geeks explode

Now I would consider myself a very techno-savvy person. In fact I have trouble shot many a computer in my day breathing life where there t’wern’t none before, patiently even, when other people may have given up. I rarely read an instruction manual when I get an electronic gadget (ooohh gadgety goodness!) preferring to poke about and figure things out myself. Granted this at times can have me discovering a feature (see digital camera) a year or so later than I should have, but hey, it’s kinda cool getting those kind of surprises! The weird part is I read the instructions for something like a hair dryer. Go figure.

But alas, I too have my “Achilles Heel” and they generally involve audio/visual equipment. Show me a stereo, TV, VCR etc that requires any kind of hook up, I can and will eff it up. Once Tom had to long-distance talk me through hooking up an old camcorder/ TV/VCR combo so I could transfer old small cassette videos of the kids when they were small. Yeah I’m lame.

So, a couple of days ago I decided to crack out the MP3 transmitter that Tom gave me for Christmas so I could listen to all those tunes I have on it now while driving around. I had tried using it once or twice right after I got of course after reading the instructions (remember this is an audio product, I know my weakness) and after having some difficulties finding a range where there wasn’t a strong radio signal I gave up on it.

Like I said, I just decided to give in another whack. I kept trying it over several days but I was having all kinds of problems. At first it didn’t seem to turn on properly even using the cigarette lighter in the car. I brought it to Tom and using the battery power managed to turn it on with no problems and tune it to our home stereo. Cool! He told me he had preset a good station on the tuner and for me to just tune my car stereo to the same channel and I should have no problems. I mentioned that I didn’t know if my car stereo was getting all the channels that were on the transmitter. He looked puzzled and said well this one should be ok. So I’m all like, yay!

So I took it out on Saturday when I was driving around and it wouldn’t work. I tried practically every station I could and it just wouldn’t pick up the signal. I was pretty frustrated. My theory was that maybe it needed the cigarette plug thingie as some kind of boost so on Sunday I took the player/transmitter down to the car once again and plugged in the power and this time it got juice and started up. Once again I ran through every station in the range and NOTHING, BUPKIS.

When I told Tom yesterday he suggested that when we take the young Boy over to his Father’s I could drive and he would fiddle and see if he could get it to work. I had been listening to news radio and he reached out and changed the frequency to FM. I said “Oh it was already on AM”. Pause.

“Um, this is an FM transmitter, AM is garbage why would anyone want that?”

“…Oh” *blush*

So Tom says “Maybe I should of thought to ask you if you had it on FM, but the fact that the back of the thing says….”

OK as they say a picture speaks a thousand words. I will let this one speak for me.


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