Sunday Funny

Many years ago my ex-boss and I were discussing how many people would walk out of the washroom without washing their hands which is a HUGE pet peeve of both of ours. You just knew they did this because you would be in a stall, hear someone flush, exit their stall and then walk straight out the door. Gross!

One day in my daily “Far Side” Calendar there was a cartoon of a guy walking out of a washroom looking shocked, above his head was a flashing ‘Did not wash his hands’ sign. Both of us thought it was hysterical not to mention apropos, so she enlarged it on the photocopier and taped it to the mirror in the ladies room. I was seriously tickled.

Herein started the battle. Every day someone would tear it down and she would take another copy and put it up. Of course we knew the people tearing it down were the offenders. I mean why else would it bother you right? She kept it up for a while before finally giving up. She had made her point.

Over the years I myself have left ‘touch this and die’ notes on things, when someone decided the pop in my lunch was a freebie, or when someone ate my sandwich (!) or “will the person who stole my stapler please return it” variety, generally done with some type of tongue in cheek humour. But I have to say that this site is pretty darn funny, some of these people sound seriously pissed.


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