Reflecting on the past

Maybe I’m getting nostalgic in my old age but as I’m heading towards my 25th year post high-school graduation I’m starting to look back a little. Yep, the big 25 year reunion should be sometime next year. Eeep!! That is if they even have one.

I went through the nostalgia bit when I saw Chris graduate but it didn’t last long, I don’t tend to look backwards much, I’ve always been focused on what is staring me down in the here and now.

That being said, I’ve often wondered what happened to old friends and boyfriends alike but never really wondered enough to show up at any of the previous reunions. Don’t get me wrong, I had a blast in school and had a great group of friends and we tended to party pretty hard but I grew up pretty fast soon after grad. When a lot of them were going to University and blowing off morning classes because of a hang-over, I was getting up early to hit my job.

I grew up in a very working class family. My Dad never saw education as being particularly important and I recall him saying how he was forced to quit school when he was 14 to help feed the family. Not that it was any hardship as he kind of hated school anyway. I didn’t, I loved it, well all except math. It was almost as if I was lucky to have been allowed to go to school until I was 17 (I graduated a year early).

Regardless, being a pretty smart cookie if I must say so myself I’ve done well. I’ve worked hard and I’m pretty proud of where I am at now despite my beginnings.

The way we see it,  we WANT our kids to have the opportunity to go to school whether it be technical, trade or whatever. We’ve told them they can live at home rent free as long as they are working towards a future and not pissing away their money on stupid shit.

Anyway, so like I was saying before I went off on a tangent I’m getting a wee bit nostalgic. I had belonged to that Classmates site for years without actually being a full member or for that matter paying much attention to it and one day recently I figured what the heck and got a gift card and registered for a trial.

I saw that one of my oldest friends was on there and just for the heck of it I contacted her. We were the best of friends through high school into our 20’s and were in each others first weddings (having both since remarried) but had drifted apart lives once the kids started to come along and juggle that with working full-time. It just got too hard to keep it up. She also moved further away which didn’t help. I was really hoping she would write back and she did right away, she was really happy to hear from me which is very cool. She’s like me, never really kept in touch with people from school and I was the first to ever get a hold of her.

She doesn’t live too far away considering (a town or two) so we’re going to plan a get-together one of these days. We are both 40ish Moms of teenagers now and yet when we corresponded it didn’t really feel all that much time has passed. Funny how that is with real friends, no matter how long between contact and you fall into that easy communication.

So as the time for the reunion drawn nearer, I’m really thinking I may just go to look back a little but the best part of it will be is the man of my present and my future coming with me.

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2 Responses to Reflecting on the past

  1. Tom says:

    We’ll both be right there with you, Hon! GRIN

  2. americanuck says:

    I DID say MAN not MEN folks ;)

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