Talk about low tech toys

Our cats are very low maintenance when it comes to toys.

Cinny Loves strings.

No I mean she REALLY loves strings.




That last pic up there she was coming right at me. Tom said the expression on my face as I tried to roll out of the way would have made a funnier picture.

We’ve spent I don’t know how much money over the years trying out other stupid cat toys but she turns up her nose at pretty much everything and instead embraces discarded hoodie draw-strings. Every time you walk into the room where a string is, she immediately runs over to it and sits looking at you expectantly as if thinking “OK, you. YES YOU. play with me… no PLAY WITH ME NOW NOW NOW!! awww come ON!”

When one of her humans don’t give into her mournful looks she will toss the string in the air herself and jump after it. She will do it a couple of times and then decide it is nowhere near as much fun.

Sometimes we find the strings in our bed, some kind of weird offering. Or a hint. I’m thinking hint personally.

Nutmeg on the other hand he’s a bit more complex. He has some favourite ‘mousies’ which are these kind of weird round nobbly toys that are hard to find. The mousies are looking a bit ragged lately. He also loves socks. We’ve filled old discarded socks with catnip which he DOES like a lot, but they don’t even have to be catnip filled. He’s happy with any old sock that happens to be laying around the house. What he does with both of them is the funniest part…

my toy, my joy

Nutmeg on Catnip

MMMMM catnip

Could he be enjoying this any more?

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2 Responses to Talk about low tech toys

  1. Tom says:

    I think Cinny might even like string more than those feather toys I used to bring up from California…

  2. americanuck says:

    Yeah and she doesn’t hiss at the string lol

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