Growin’ up, you don’t see the writing on the wall

In keeping with my nostalgic feelings of late and wondering how old friends/boyfriends were doing, I had a surprise the other day when I was contacted by my very first boyfriend (from when I was 15) via Facebook. I had signed up for an account a long time ago but never found anyone on there that I knew so I kind of forgot about it. I checked it out again a few weeks ago and found maybe half a dozen people from my highschool in the various grades surrounding mine that I even remembered, never mind liked but I decided to add my highschool to my profile and left it alone again.

It was nice to catch up, we had remained good friends after we broke up. Our “coupling” had resulted in the merging of our two crowds in school and we all remained a group after graduation and into work or University days meeting for parties etc until the drift inevitably happened. How St. Elmo’s Fire of us. (awful awful movie)

It would seem both of us married relatively young (though I had him beat by several years) and have both since found happiness with our second spouses.

That is a few of us now that have all divorced and either are happily single or happily remarried. Speaks of the statistics right there and it is only a smallish sample.

I’m taking it a bit easier today apart from playing taxi once again (and you’re right Sue it sure doesn’t qualify as relaxy time but then again I’m a sucker!) It has been really nice these last couple of days though just puttering around here. I could so get used to this.

We are off to Bellingham tomorrow for the day, just the two of us this time. I will happliy be feeding my Ross monkey and Tom has run out of his favourite coffee additive, needs his rubber chicken fix and wants more of the much superior American Oreos so we will be hitting up the bulk and grocery stores while we’re there as well. The evening will end with dinner at Anthony’s (hopefully anyway! Last time we were screwed cos they were busy.)

Too bad it will be raining! Ah well.

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