A shopping we will go…

We rose early yesterday to try and beat the “Hey the US exchange rate rocks so let’s all go shopping” crowd. When we got there the lineup wasn’t bad considering but it moved sloooowly.
We heard later on there was some problems with the computer system but they were also checking trunks on everyone so that would slow things down a bit more but whatever. It moved and at least it wasn’t three hours waiting.

By the time we were across the line we were hungry and craving the old coffee boost so we stopped at the Bellingham IHOP.

The waitress has to learn that not everyone drinks coffee black (left no room for milk!)

We hit up both Ross which was horribly picked over and the mall and managed to get ourselves each a few goodies. I got three new pairs of shoes, all ballet slipper style flats which was perfect…

New Shoes!

..along with a few new tops and shower gels from Bath and Body Works. Tom got several pairs of new shorts and stuff and of course his rubber chicken. All in all a fairly successful shopping trip.

We did manage to get a reservation for lunch at Anthony’s but it was a squeaker. It would seem the place is a lot more popular now. In the old days it was busy but we could always walk in and get seated within a reasonable amount of time but now it seems like you need to reserve a table in advance.

The food was good though as always..
My Halibut

Tom and his Halibut and chips (he started in before I got a chance to take a pic of the food hence his sheepish look ;) )

Afterwards we managed to take a little walk around the harbour between raindrops and grab a few photos. It was pretty cold so I didn’t keep Tom out too long (wussy!) and there was plenty of people out flying kites as it was pretty windy so it gave us some photo ops.

There were some pretty neat kites out there, some of them were HUGE.

This fella made a couple of the kites himself. From some angles they looked like snowflakes and others like they were solid.





The line coming back across was blessedly short and although we had to pay taxes on the stuff coming home we still made out like bandits. The exchange rate is so great right now and all of our stuff were bargains!

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