It’s a small world afterall

You know it is a small world when you take a picture of a guy flying a kite in Bellingham Washington and he finds himself on your flickr on the picture below to go to the flickr site and see his comment.
Giant kite

Have a look here and here for pictures he takes with a camera mounted to a KITE. A very different view of the Bellingham harbour.

Too funny.

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2 Responses to It’s a small world afterall

  1. Karen says:

    That is way cool. I was looking at some of his other photos too, he’s very good.

  2. americanuck says:

    Yeah eh? Not only would I not risk a camera up there I was never much of a kite flyer to begin with. Even those cheapie drug store ones they used to sell when we were kids spent more time stuck in trees and/or powerlines than airborne!

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