“My father would pass gas and then blame it on imaginary animals”

Well, Bill Cosby’s did anyway.

My father on the other hand liked to play “pull my finger”. When I was really little I honestly thought I had the power to make my Dad fart. As I grew older I realized the gas was self propelled so the game lost its charm. My Dad also loved to tickle me until I almost puked. My Mother would be standing doing the dishes and hearing my hysteria behind her disdainfully turned to tell my Dad that I was going to wet my pants or something if he kept it up. I’m a serial tickler now so for that I blame my upbringing.

I lost my Dad when I was 26. Hardly a child but still young enough to feel the loss of it. We didn’t always see eye to eye on things but now I’m older I think I understand him better and realized that when I took my Mother’s side on some issues it was out of a misplaced sense of loyalty. I saw more of her and he was more distant. He never once said he loved me my entire life, weird huh? Yet I know he did in his own way. My Mother never said it either until a few years ago. I’ve made sure I’ve told the Boys that I love them every single day of their lives.

When I met Tom I knew that not only did I find a wonderful Husband but the Boys would be getting a terrific and fun Dad. He has embraced that role and they look up to him and love him very much. My Mother had a Step-Father herself and he treated them just like his own flesh and blood. She always says that anyone can be a Father but it takes a special person to be a Dad and that was her Dad was and it is Tom too. She’s right.

We celebrated Dad’s Day in our house yesterday as the Boys were staying over at their Father’s house last Sunday. We did a dinner at the Keg and then did the card and present ceremony afterwards, or rather Sean and I did.

Card picked out, paid for and signed by Sean awwww




I got him a bottle of Armani Code mmmmmmmmmm now that is a sexsay smell.

Chris forgot his present to Tom in his locker at work so he will get another belated Dad’s day present Monday as Chris works the late shift tomorrow night.

Happy Dad’s Day Hon!  We love you!

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