That would be where this picture was taken for a scene in Ocean’s thirteen. We went to see it last night. It was really good! Much better than the awful Ocean’s Twelve but still not up to Ocean’s Eleven in my esteem. Mind you it is hard to top that movie in my book. It is up there in my top rotation with Sideways.

It was funny because even though I knew they had filmed it at the terminal we were at..I recognised it even from that shot, but while watching the movie I noticed that they filmed it at the same GATE we were at not a day or so before that.


I’m nudging Tom and going “See! THAT is the Starbucks that we got our coffee at. THAT is the store I spent time poking around in that was everything for under ten bucks. THOSE are the slots that were right across from us!”

He asked me HOW I remember all these details but that is me. Seriously, if you’re trapped in an airport for hours and hours and you are pre-flight nerves nic-fitting and having to beg matches off of total strangers only to get stuck in weird cubby thing in the middle of the walkway what else IS there to do but notice stuff?

Anyway darn it! So close but yet so far. Guess I have to be happy with the wax George Clooney crotch grab eh? (Kidding! Umm seriously Mr. Clooney I promise I won’t grab your crotch fer real, umm honest!)

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