Retail therapy for the restless and bored.

It’s the Canada Day long weekend here and I’ve been spending it, for the most part anyway, by myself. Tom is working (sorry Hon!) and the Boys are over at their Father’s so I’ve been bored, at somewhat loose ends and going a tiny bit stir.

So what does one do when they are bored and at loose ends? Why shopping that’s what!

Ok, not exactly shopping per-say, I went to the drugstore out of pure necessity but while I was there I spoiled myself just a tiny bit.

I have pretty much the ugliest feet in the world (except apparently to the odd foot fetishist in flickr) and being that “cute open toe sandal season” is upon us, or will be once these darn clouds and showers go away; I figured I better try and get my feet into somewhat decent shape.

There is only so much I can do because once I start wearing shoes my feet aren’t used to they are gonna just blister up a storm anyway, gross I know. Until then I’m gonna try giving myself a home pedicure and see if I can’t make them just a little less disgusting.


London Drugs had this kit on sale for something like 10 bucks. Eh, even if it does nothing but give me a couple of cute pink nail polishes it was worth it.

I also FINALLY bought a small make-up case. I’ve been using my large ‘travel’ one for the longest time so instead of just having my day to day stuff readily available, I go through this morning ritual of digging for the stuff I actually need amongst the flotsam.


Now I just need to clean out the cabinet under the bathroom sink… the top of my dresser, the closet…eep! Never mind.

I also picked up a pair of sunglasses as the only pair I have other than my prescription ones are all scratched to hell. So instead of peering through the striae I decided to bite the bullet and buy a pair that made me look less of a dork than most, this is not saying much mind you…



I know, I can’t seem to take a picture of myself wearing any kind of glasses without making a stupid face.

So now I’m off to go watch the movie “Music and Lyrics”. Got it for a song (heh, gedit?) at the Roger’s Video pre-played 2fer1 sale so even if it sucks, so I threw away 9 bucks.

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