Tom had an early shift this morning. I’m talking as in has to get up at 4:00 am and be all the way downtown early. It was a half day though so at least he can come home and grab a nap so he isn’t passing out on me on our Friday night ‘drinkie night’..

So he gets home, grabs something to eat and then announces he’s going to go have his nap. About ten minutes later or so I get up and go for a walk outside to clear my head. I didn’t want to take my purse with me so I unsnapped the divider in the keys (I have too damn many on the ring) and take half with me and step out into the hallway. Just as I shut the door I realized I had the wrong half.

It was one of those moments when your internal voice just goes. uhohhhh”


I had my cell with me so I tried calling. Tom didn’t answer right away, I was hoping he wasn’t just ignoring the phone. I was then thinking that maybe I would have to go right outside and go all up to the window that is just off the bedroom and try to call to him over the sound of the fan.

Standing outside the door feeling rather helpless I heard the welcome noise of the cordless phone’s in the kitchen’s beep. Tom was checking the call display to see who called.

I knocked rather sheepishly and I heard him chuckle on the other side and he opened the door and let me in.

Now he didn’t even tease me despite the fact I have NEVER let him live down the fact he locked himself out of our hotel room in Buffalo in his ‘pajamas’ (sweats and socks) after he put our breakfast dishes outside the door.

I was already stepping in the shower when I heard this steady knock on the door. I’m yelling “Tom? Can you get that I’m in the shower?” … “Tom? Honey someone is at the door”… “Tom?… ohhhh”. Wrapping a towel around myself I went to the door and looked through the peep-hole and saw Tom looking rather sheepish himself. When I opened the door he looked probably as relieved as I was today and I called him a “Dork”. And he was a dork but it was said with love.

So now we’re a matched set, in more ways than one.

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2 Responses to Dork

  1. Tom says:

    Instead of a “paradox” we’re a “paradorx!”


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