If we were Simpsons Characters…

chris simpsons

His Simpsons Doppelganger shares Chris’ sunny demeanor ;)

sean simpsons

Sean’s seems to be lost in the though of when he will get his next snack…

Tom Simpsons

Tom’s I had to retro-fit a little to add the Goatee but he’s also wearing a burnt orange shirt and Tom does love on the orange.

bee simpsons

I had a harder time with me. They need to work on some more hair styles and clothing/accessories for the female characters. I had to add the bangs myself and find a mouth with no lipstick that didn’t look to masculine or miserable or with bad teeth. Also the roundness? I’m round they need to work in a figure somewhere between skinny and fat. Something like fluffy…

You want to play too? Go to the Simpsons Movie website to make your own Avatar.

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2 Responses to If we were Simpsons Characters…

  1. Tom says:

    Plus I used to work (briefly) in the nuclear biz, so the orange shirt has double-meaning! You’re gooooood, Hon!

  2. americanuck says:

    Sean didn’t get that at first either.

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