Metal Health will drive you mad

We are heading into what I guess you could call the home stretch in Sean’s adventure in dentistry; his jaw alignment surgery.

The main wire on his braces has been replaced with surgical one that has small hooks to hold the heavy elastics that will help to hold his jaw in a fixed position and allow for more speedy healing of the surgical site. The entire operation will take place in his mouth through the spot where his lower wisdom teeth used to be.

He has come a long way, his teeth are very straight now, he just needs to have a bit more adjustments done after the surgery that will give him “lip competence” The Ortho feels it could be anywhere from 6-12 months more of braces and then he’s ready for the retainer.

I am going to be off work the week of and the two weeks following his surgery, Tom is off with me the last couple of weeks which is great. Fortunately Tom is also off the day of the surgery and the day Sean is released from the hospital so he will be with me to help me out (read: find the hospital, it is one I’m not familiar with) with Sean, I know he’s going to be in pain.

Here are his teeth as of today.


Just in the time he started with the expander he has grown up so much!

Sean in his 'Before' picture Feb 10 2006


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