Pre-op Visit

We had the visit with the Maxillofacial surgeon today to get all the measuring, moulds and photos taken pre-op.

I realized I had my little portable camera AFTER Sean had those hilarious plastic cheek spoons (no idea what the official name is) that pull your lips and cheeks away from your gums in order for them to photograph your teeth and gums. I think Sean was grateful I didn’t remember and was already rolling his eyes at the fact I was in tears laughing at how silly he looked holding those with this gums and teeth all exposed.


They used a flavoured goo to make the teeth impressions and Sean spent about five minutes picking the residue out of his braces.


In another few weeks is the Orthognathic surgery. It sounds like it’s a fairly short operation and the surgeon says that the pain is no greater than that of surgical wisdom teeth removal, although of course as we are talking cut bones and bone plates and screws the healing will take a lot longer and there is more post-op care.


The one bright spot for Sean is post surgery they want him to take in as much sugar based liquid as he can hold until he can have the softer solid foods. This means all the ice-cream, shakes, pudding, jell-o, soft drinks etc he can handle 2-3 litres minimum a day. Holy sugar high Batman! The concern here is that he will lose weight post-operatively and he really doesn’t have any weight to spare. Too bad you can’t donate that eh?

These are ALL items banned or near banned on his braces diet so he’s quite chuffed about it. The assistant at the surgeons office said that will be the only time you will hear anyone that has to do with dentistry encourage that. Also there is no flossing as there is no solid food not to mention they said there would be too much swelling anyway.

So before all this goes down, he is supposed to try and put ON some weight and eat eat eat. I dunno, the boy already eats like it is going out of style. He out eats every one of us and he’s still sniffing around for snacks after dinner. The nurse was looking at us like we starved him or something. When she said he had to eat lots  Sean goes “That won’t be a problem, or rather ISN’T a problem!” She looks over at us to confirm that he’s telling the truth. “Oh yeah he eats a lot alright!!” we both say. She was probably thinking “Poor kid they probably starve him or something!”

He will be getting full on Mothering though so I will be keeping an eagle eye to make sure he does everything that he is told and get him well on his way to healing before school starts in Sept. It will take a good 4 months to completely heal and we were told that unless an infection develops the bone plates which are titanium will stay with him for life. He also promised they will not magnetise in case he ever needs any kind of scans later and they won’t set off anything at the airport.

I still hate the thought that my baby will be going through this!

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