A new toy


Chris decided to treat himself with a new Ibanez E- guitar. He’s been really good with working and saving so moments like this are saaa-weet.

We went to the local music store and Chris was like a kid in the proverbial candy store. He stood gazing at the wall o’ guitars with that glazed look in his eyes. The guitar that caught my attention was this kind of smoke grey colour and quite stylin.. turns out it was 1500 bucks *choke* so we passed on that one. The guy at the store was asking Chris was type of music he plays and if he was into metal. Uh, that would be a yes. So he pointed out some guitars that were mid-range and I guess ‘metal’ friendly. He plugged him into an amp and set him loose.

There is only so much to do in one of those stores while you are waiting for a guitar junkie to find his latest fix and listening to the distortion from a teenager playing metal. While wandering I found the practice room for drum lessons. MAN! I have always loved the drums. I mean talk about therapy, bashing away at those things! Of course I have no idea if I would be any good at them but they look to be good fun.

Chris was kind enough to pass his older first guitar down to Sean who also developed an interest in playing this last year or so (he still has another guitar, I guess three was too many even for him). I’m super jealous of the fact that two of my offspring have the same musical talent that many of my aunts, uncles and even my sister has. Of course I still can’t play a note :(

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