Commencing countdown

Well, we are on the home stretch now. Sean’s surgery is scheduled for the week after this coming and in anticipation of his diet of milkshakes and other mushy things I went out and bought a milkshake maker. Yeah it’s a fugly green but whatever, I don’t expect it will last that long, I mean the sucker is made out of PLASTIC. I remember the days when small appliances were made out of metal. geesh.

Sean's post surgery milkshake maker

It had it’s maiden voyage on Friday. I mean we HAD to try it our right? I was experimenting with the amount of milk vs. ice-cream and syrup and I think I got the right amount of thickness. Straws will be a no-no after the surgery as you don’t want to cause any stress to the surgical site, after all there will be stitches in there. I plan on adding some protein powder to the shakes and also supplement with ‘Boost’ or another type of meal replacement, of course also in liquid form.

I wonder how long it will take before the novelty of milkshakes, pudding, jell-o and all the pop you can drink will wear off. He’s gonna be off solids for a while anyway and even after that we’re talking scrambled eggs and fish as far as “solid” food goes. This boy despite appearances eats like a pig and constantly. I’m sure visions of pizza and Chinese food will be dancing in his head before long, not to mention chips and other snacky foods.

I’m also REALLY looking forward to my time off work, I have never taken three weeks in a row ever. The first week wasn’t planned, it was added on when Sean’s surgery was scheduled. We had really no idea when it was going to happen, it depended on how he progressed with his braces so in a way it was handy that it was scheduled around my already booked vacation as I would have had to have taken the time off after it anyway.

I’m just sorry that the vacation Sean is having with his family isn’t exactly fun and games. Well hopefully once he’s on his feet we can take some day trip to take photos around town, we all enjoy that. Depending on how he does and how well he heals up, once he goes over to his Father’s, Tom and I may try to sneak a few days away if we can find a good last-minute deal. If not, no big, we can try to swing something sometime in the future for the two of us. At least we had our vacation at Seascape on Monterey Bay in March. Ahhhh all that beachy goodness… *sigh*

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4 Responses to Commencing countdown

  1. Sue says:

    Best of luck to Sean with his surgery. Connor had some relatively minor surgery with his braces but nothing that cramped his eating style for more than 2 days. I’m sure Sean will figure out a way to get those calories even if it’s in the form of flavor mush! In other news we were in Pa. this weekend and stumbled across a Ross store. We don’t have them here in Upstate NY. Thanks to your reviews I insisted on a shopping stop and ended up with tops for under $20. Thanks!!

  2. americanuck says:

    Thanks Sue I will pass your good wishes on to Sean. He’s approaching this in a positive way of course talk to him a few days after the fact and that may change!

    Glad to pass on the joys of Ross shopping. I swear it is like shopping crack. You get such a high from knowing you spent so little and if you’re willing to spend the time can walk out with some really nice stuff. I generally know within the first ten minutes if I hit the jackpot or I’m in between the re-stocking. Tom knows now not to rush me… heehee

  3. Tom says:

    Not any more…but I DO still feel guilty about that one in Oregon…

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