Yeah we be classy

Tom and I have very different sneezing styles. Tom really lets them go, I mean full out WAAAHHHCHOOOOO sneezes, me on the other hand I sneeze more like a cat “athooo”.. Tom always cringes when he hears me do that because he’s thinking my eardrums are going to explode or something but I’ve been sneezing that way for years..yeah I’m all about restraint while sneezing.

Then there are those OTHER types of noises that bodies can make, there we change places.

Tom is more a restrained gas passer. He tends to let them out in a more tuneful staccato method reminiscent of say a trumpet. In fact Miles Davis would be jealous of the tunes he can play with his butt cheeks. Me? I’m more a Tuba. I don’t believe in restraint I just let em fly.

The night before last after having a dinner of chili we were pretty much one upping each other on farts, I mean the cats were walking around with little bitty gas masks it was that bad. Tom lets one of his three toned musical-ditty like farts go and I followed up with my base line emphatic blast.

Tom laughs and points out how with a bit of timing and practice we could be playing the song from “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” and I said “Dayum, we could be communicating with Aliens right now…” and then we both burst into hysterical laughter.

So after the hysterical laughter I’m like “Oh I am so going to blog this” fell asleep and promptly forgot.

So last night just as we’re drifting off I asked Tom if he could remember what was so funny the other night that I said I was gonna blog about. He couldn’t but thought it had something to do with eating. I thought it had something to do with farting but couldn’t remember what was specifically so funny about it. We’re both laying there trying to remember and then Tom farted “toot, toot. TOOT” and I went “CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND!! THANK YOU!! YOUR ASS REMINDED ME ” and then we both started laughing hysterically again. I know, I, know, we’re gross and we’re dorks.

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One Response to Yeah we be classy

  1. Tom says:

    Apparently we’re gross dorks with alzheimer’s!

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