Kitchen addiction

Sean and I went out for a nice early dinner today to celebrate his success in bringing up his math mark. Both Tom and Chris were working, so it was a nice Mother/Son time for us. He had some trouble with math this year and had to attend summer school to stay on track. As it turned out he did great and even aced the final with an A. Not the best way to spend your summer, summer school and surgery but he positive about it all. He’s really a great kid.

Other than a screaming baby and a guy who used the “F” word as conversation filler on every second word, we had a good time.

Afterwards we went into the nearby drugstore and picked up a few items he needed for his braces and while walking around I found a really sweet Piggie breakfast set for $2.99!!


Isn’t it cute?? PIGGIES!

AND it’s PINK!

Piggie cup

Piggie bowl


We also went to the local Zellers and bought Sean some new sneakers. He goes through shoes so quickly, not only through growth but also through this weird stinky foot acid he I swear he produces. The boy is 15 and he is now wearing a size 13 MENS shoe. Size 13!! !

We also got him some flip-flops and a pair of sweatpants for the trip home from the hospital. The Doctor advises the less bending the better.

I think provisions-wise we are all set. It will be nice to get this over with.

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