And now, A very special Blossom

Normally we screen calls. Not trying to avoid people we know (most of the time) but rather those pond-scum douche-bag telemarketers.

Occasionally I will mistakenly regress to those days when I automatically picked up the ringing phone and usually regret it. Today was one of those days.

The voice on the other end of the phone requested to speak to the “Lady of the house” so I said “Speaking”. “Is this the lady of the house?” “Did you not hear me? I said SPEAKING.” “Oh”..

They went on to tell me that this wasn’t a sales call that in fact it was to discuss family values programming and that it won’t take more than 90 seconds of my time. That they believed that that although it is important that parents monitor what their children see on television and in movies, that they believe that studios etc should be ‘encouraged’ to develop more entertainment based on family values. And did I believe this to be true?



“Oh, well you surely agree that there should be more emphasis put on family values in entertainment.”

“No, I do not believe in censorship.”

“Oh well neither do we…uh…”

“Yes, yes that is exactly what you are proposing. Trying to pressure studios to be babysitters instead of putting the onus on parents to decide what their own kids should see rather having the entertainment industry RAISE them right? If they don’t like what they see stop watching, end of story. I’m sure they are still making all kinds of ‘family values’ movies but I have no interest in making that ALL there is.”

“We would like to be able to call you back to discuss….”

“Nope, not interested, go away now.” *Click*

Yanno, I’m personally pretty disgusted by some of the stuff that passes for entertainment out there these days (read any of the SAW movies for instance) but I do believe in the right for them to be made. I don’t believe in censorship, period.

Neither of my kids have any interest in seeing those types of movies but then again I RAISED them to look for entertainment in movies, action, comedy (the odd rather bawdy one in fact), adventure…stuff like that. The other stuff like boobies, well that’s pretty normal too for teenage boys to be interested in. When they were little, when the TV was on, they saw a lot of Disney, but that was MY choice. The rest of the time I *gasp* played with them and taught them stuff. I didn’t rely on the TV to be an electronic mind-numbing babysitter.

Going the other extreme I also hate the schmaltzy “Touched by an Angel” and “7th Heaven” religoid claptrap, but again, does it hurt me to have it on television? No, other than it could have taken the place on a schedule of a show I may just have enjoyed. This person had their way, there would be no CSI (gasp..violence!) or Grey’s Anatomy (Sex!) or Arrested Development (major button pushing innuendo.. oh never mind the bastards GOT that one off the air).

Ok, so maybe I didn’t regret picking up that phone. Sometimes I love being the devil’s advocate, shit-disturber and put just a little pin-prick in those inflated pompous assholes that would have every single show contain a ‘message’. Sometimes I just want to be entertained dammit, without a lesson being shoved down my throat. They probably also think that Tinky-Winky is gay and that I’m raising Devil spawn who watch nothing but 24 hours of disembowelment’s. Bad Bad Mommy.

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2 Responses to And now, A very special Blossom

  1. Sue says:

    I agree! I was always pretty strict with my kids about following the rules in life. The one exception was the movie industry. We’ve always been pretty blatant about breaking the “no outside food in the theater” rule and routinely smuggled a drink and snack ($3.00) rather than spend the $15.00 that the theater charged -highway robbery! We also paid no attention to the PG-13 and R ratings but instead reserched the movies and determined if we wanted the kids to see them. Both boys had seen R movies by about age 13 because we didn’t think hearing a swear word or seeing a boobie would scar them for life. I don’t believe in censorship either, but feel that parents who know their children should know what they can and cannot handle. There are lots of good movies out there that mature teens could see with their parents and generate some good family time discussion.

  2. americanuck says:

    Yeah foreign concept eh? Parents who parent. Gasp, whoulda thunk it?

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