Sometimes I really hate humans

I remember a few years back a man was charged with beating to death the few remaining flamingos in Stanley Park with a golf club, now I read about people that beat a kitten to death in front of the 11 year old owner.  What makes a person do something like that? What kind of sick joy do they get out of hurting an innocent animal that did not deserve that kind of cruelty and the little girl who will have this incident I’m sure, indelibly in her mind for the rest of her life. How can that not affect you?

I spent ten minutes yesterday staring at four adorable kittens in the local Pet Smart wishing I could take every single one of them home with me (not to mention the fully grown cats). I’m a responsible pet owner, mine have always been spayed or neutered and well looked after, if not spoiled rotten.

Yanno, I hate all crimes but those against children and animals just get my dander up.

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