5 Days and a glimmer of a smile

Well it’s Sunday today, five days post-surgery and we’re starting to see Sean’s sense of humour return. He’s been feeling down, mostly from food deprivation. Despite what one would assume from how slender he is, the boy is an EATING MACHINE.

Seeing Pizza, hamburger commercials or god forbid, anyone talks about bacon he goes into a funk. He misses potato chips and all the other various snack foods. He is sick to death of sugary stuff, particularly ice-cream.

He has been eating soft fish and mashed potatoes so at least he is getting something of more substance, although chewing is verboten he is allowed to eat anything that doesn’t require chewing if he can handle it and boy can he.


The swelling has gone enough for me to be allowed to post a photograph. We agreed that no photo that doesn’t pass his inspection goes online. He is interested in helping any other kid through this, sometimes knowing what others have gone through helps, it did us… but it only goes so far.

You can still see some swelling and the light bruising on his chin on either side where the surgery took place but he didn’t really have much in the way of bruising.

His first follow-up visit with the surgeon is on Wednesday. There will be another to follow in two weeks and then hopefully only one more to follow. At that point he will instruct us when we should start the orthodontics portion of our program back up again for the “fine-tuning” of the bite.

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