My name is Belinda

…and I’m a Rossaholic. Have I said this before? I’m sure I have.

I haven’t seen the top of my dresser in like MONTHS. I had nowhere to put half the crap I own and today, well I decided to tackle the mountain of clothing and the messy walk-in closet and do a clean and purge.

When I first started it wasn’t so bad, I mean there was a lot of stuff on the bed but it got worse and worse as I started bringing stuff out of the closet and the drawers to decide what was going to stay and what had to go.

When I took a good look around at what was piled EVERYWHERE I exclaimed “Oh my God I have too much shit!” It is quite something to have it all surrounding you at one time.

I’m telling ya, there was a lot that had to go but I’m STILL at maximum storage with what I’m keeping. You KNOW this isn’t the end of it either because I will buy more, I will and I will have to find more room because I love what I kept.


I have two small drawers full of socks, I mean full. I can’t wear that many socks. I actually got RID of some socks rather than go through the pain of matching them (they were all black). What does that say? Too damn many socks that’s what.

Cinny was into everything every second she could be. I had to keep kicking her out of the drawers, pushing her away from the piles of clothing so she wouldn’t knock them over and order her out of the closet.. I can’t count how many times. After a while she just gave up and camped out on some clothes.


We have a massive amount of clothing that Tom took down to his car (not just all mine, his and the boys too). We’re going to try and find a donation bin or two tomorrow. I’m just excited that we can see the floor of the walk in closet.


Clean drawers, at least for now….


Clothing storage bins in the walk in closet (with sweaters on the racks)

I’m just excited seeing the top of my dresser again. It needs dusting and organizing but it is a surface again instead of a clothing pile. I’ve accomplished at least one thing I set out to do on this vacation.

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