Where did the time go?

Well, I’ve reached the last day of my, I must say WELL DESERVED vacation, not looking forward to how busy things are going to be at work. Tom had two weeks off and is back to work on Wednesday. I don’t think three weeks have ever passed as quickly for me. We didn’t get a chance to ‘get away’ but the down time, sleeping in and day trips here and there were nice coupled with some marathon DVD festivals in chez americanuck.

After Sean’s surgical check up (where is was so impressed with the speed of Sean’s healing) he was feeling so good we decided to do a little touristy stuff on the North Shore and visit lighthouse park and Deep cove and do a photo walk.



Lighthouse Park

Deep Cove

We did manage to make a trip down to Bellingham and Ross it up some but even Ross let me down a bit. I had more luck at the Macy’s discount storefront that was in the Bellis Fair mall in place of the Christmas store. Even Anthony’s which normally is awesome let us down a bit, not from the food but from the service. It has been busier and we’ve had better service. Ah well, we’ll let them have that one time, the food was still worth it.

Another of our day trips was to White Rock. The day started out a bit hazy but ended up clearing up quite nicely.



Tom’s set of pictures from Whiterock can be found here and mine here.

Lots of others from our various days out in our flickrstreams.

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