I’ve been working from home a lot in the last few months. There are a lot of advantages (one being the commute time!) and productivity soars, well at least in my case as I’m disciplined. But there are a few disadvantages too, the most glaring to me is my hairdresser is all the way downtown and I badly needed a haircut.

I had booked an appointment weeks ago but then got um, a stomach bug and cancelled. It was all good, I mean I could still work but from home nice and close to the facilities but the weeks dragged on and on and my bangs got longer and longer. I eventually tired of them just before my “vacation” (aka looking after Sean post surgery) and did a brutal bathroom hack job so I could at least see. I didn’t want to take too much off in case I got a lecture from my hairdresser for not taking advantage of the free in between bang trims. Who has the time?? It bought me a bit more time though until I could reschedule.

Thank goodness today was the day, see below I’m no longer a sheep dog! Man but I do look like a dork in almost all pictures:


I love Amy, she totally gets my hair and it’s weird textures and tendencies and manages to give me a good cut. I only wish I could style it anywhere close to what they can in a salon, but seriously, even if I could it would only stay for a while, my curls have a mind of their own and living in Vancouver good luck keeping curly hair straight with all the moisture in the air and my hair is seriously curly. Luckily it’s fine not coarse so I do have some options..

In other news Tom and I decided to treat ourselves and buy new laptops! We ordered the new Dell Inspiron 1521’s. Of course I got a PINK one and Tom, well he got black. The estimated shipping dates we’ve been told have been Sept 10th for Tom’s and mine sometime in early October. After we ordered I found this blog from Dell. They are way behind on filling the orders due from what it sounds like to a bunch of things from parts in short supply to unexpected demand. Of course the hard push they had to market these suckers and the halfway decent price-point, I’m surprised they were surprised but whatever..there be some very angry people out there. I feel for the college students and such who ordered in like July and are still waiting, already back in class. I’m impatient sure, but it’s not like we are computer-less. Essentially these are toys. I’m just jealous that Tom will get his first but then again I’m getting PINK!!!! Soooo worth the wait, I so love pink.

Sean is healing amazingly well. There is really no big restrictions on him anymore, although he is going to stay away from anything overly chewy (like steak) but he’s been freed up to eat bacon, and believe me that news was received with joy. It will be like Christmas for him to have bacon for breakfast this weekend. Sean is working on a project to create his own cartoon character to try to sell on T-shirts on Cafepress. Hey you never know. They are pretty darn clever. He knows he will have at least one customer in me.

Chris is still working away but still not doing much about getting into the plumbing apprenticeship thingie. He claims that he has to have his drivers licence to get into it and although he’s been practicing has yet to book his test. Sigh…. We don’t want to be his chauffeurs anymore. Wish he would get on that, you can only nag so much. He’s all excited about a concert he will be attending in a few weeks. Ah youth. I remember when that was a fun and exciting thing to do. Alas now I just hate crowds and frankly if I want to smell someone smoking pot nearby I could just lean out our window at night. I swear there is someone in our complex who’s blazing up the odd fatty. Either that or it’s some kind of ‘herbal’ ciggie that smells an awful like weed.

Tom’s doing his usual thang in tv-land. He shall be home soon and joining me in a late nightcap. He had to pull the late shift tonight which is our official ‘drinkie night’ so I’m waiting impatiently for him to come home so I can have my nice glass of wine. Yay!

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