Hey y’all prepare yourself, for the rubber band man

Today was another big milestone for Sean, he had his first post-surgical visit with the orthodontist and treatment begins in earnest yet again. The next phase of treatment is wearing elastics day and night to help pull the back molars back out.

The orthognathic surgery changed the position of  jaw and along with it his teeth. This phase of treatment is to begin the realignment of his teeth now that his lower jaw is in the “right” place.

Everyone at the office exclaimed at the dramatic change they saw in Sean since they last saw him. I really can’t wait to see what he will look like once this is all done!

It is amazing how much he’s changed since we began, how much he’s growing up! Just to give some perspective this first picture was taken in Feb 2006 right at the beginning.

Sean in his 'Before' picture Feb 10 2006

The following two pictures were taken the night before surgery. 



These last pictures were just taken the other night. As you can see there is a small amount of residual swelling but basically it’s all gone. Sean is back to eating pretty much everything he wants he has healed so fast, way ahead of the curve. Everyone is different and he healed at the top of the scale, in fact his surgeon said he was the fastest he’s seen. The only things he’s banned from eating  now is pretty much anything that was already banned for braces. He was just happy he’s allowed to eat bacon now. The no bacon thing was pure unadulterated torture in Sean’s world.



I know it can be a scary thing preparing yourself, and/or your child to go through this but it’s all worth it in the end. Sean’s really happy with how it has gone and is really happy that the “worst” of it all is behind him now.

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2 Responses to Hey y’all prepare yourself, for the rubber band man

  1. Tom says:

    Whoa, talk about misheard lyrics! I always thought they were singing “Geddy’on prepare yourself” (or some weird interpolation of “get it on”)

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