Award show addiction – will this cure it?

Random thoughts while watching the rather boring Emmy broadcast…

I want to smack Jeremy Piven’s little bottom grrrrourrrrrrr *wink*

Who gave Ryan Seacrest a career? And what the hell happened to Brian Dunkleman? At least his name was entertaining.

Why don’t they serve alcohol at the Emmy’s like the Golden Globes? These people are a lot more interesting when they’re drunk.

Will the announcer ever work again after mispronouncing Katherine Heigl’s name and who was called on the mistake publicly by Katherine Hi-gull who went on to win an award? (Who’s back there??)

Irony? Christina Aguilera sings the song “Stepping out with my Baby” with Tony Bennett  with all those rumours about her being um with a baby yet to be confirmed or denied. Further, Tony is 80 and it would appear his wife was a ovum for  around half his life. Ew.

Can someone give a caffeinated beverage to Robert Duval ? The man has all the energy and enthusiasm of a corpse.

Are dangly earings now ok on men?

Every spray tan outlet in LA must have been bizzzzz-eee the last few days. I haven’t seen that much orange since the produce aisle at the Safeway.

Yay! Steve Carell and Jon Stewart together again if but for a moment on stage.

If  only I could look as good as Helen Mirren does at her age at MY age and be half as witty….dayum!

Brad Garrett is a naughty boy who was very public about his love of boobies.

Quote of the night “If Mother’s ruled the world there would be no goddamn wars in the first place” -Sally Field…

Yay for the Sopranos!

Oops changed my mind on the quote of the night… the dude that accepted for the Sopranos “If Gangsters ruled the world…oh wait maybe they do…”

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2 Responses to Award show addiction – will this cure it?

  1. Tom says:

    LMAO @ “Who’s back there!”

    (inside joke, for those of you playing at home)

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