Sleeplessness: it’s not just for insomniacs anymore

In times of stress or worry I can’t sleep, or rather I can but not for very long and not very soundly. I know I’m not alone in this, I mean seriously would there be an industry the revolves around sleep aids if I was? I’ve never gone down the road of artificial sleep aids and don’t intend to. Well, unless wine counts, and if it does I’m totally doing that tonight. Just the one glass though. It’s a school night.

I admire Tom and his ability to sleep pretty much any time, any where. Upright, slanted, airplane, couch, mid-conversation you name it… well at least he hasn’t fallen asleep during sex. YET.

He has this thing where he can visualize ‘grey fog’ or just celebrate the wonderfulness of all that is pillow, two seconds later he’s zonked out. I try that, I try all kinds of relaxation techniques and nadda. Two seconds later my mind has shifted from neutral into first and is starting to race.

When I feel like this I try to remember how tired I felt after our VERY long trip back home from Vegas, put myself in that place. That was one time I was aching for a pillow and to be completely utterly horizontal. Fantasizing about just shucking my icky travel plane cootied clothes and just falling face first into the down when we were in fact somewhere between Seattle and the border.

Man if I only knew the magic button that would work for me besides drinking enough to pass out. I mean, after all it’s a school night I will leave THAT for Friday night. ;)

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3 Responses to Sleeplessness: it’s not just for insomniacs anymore

  1. Tom says:

    Two other methods I use (besides “grey fog”) are:

    -Training someone (in my mind, of course) how to use the Kalypso (a type of switcher)

    -Teaching someone HTML

    I don’t know why they work, maybe it’s just focussing on something simple (to me). It probably helps that I’m mildly narcoleptic…

  2. Tom says:

    Yeah…kinda like saying the ocean is mildly damp, eh?

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