Super Kitty qu’est que c’est?

I’ve pretty much always had a cat or two just about my entire life. I’ve been pretty fortunate that I’ve never had a real “mean kitty” although one we did have that was actually my ex’s cat probably was a runner up to that category if nothing else.

Most of my cats have been more of a rescue kitty variety, Super Kitty if you will. So much so that you can almost hear the Indiana Jones theme song playing when they start trying to save you. I get hours (ok minutes) of fun meowing like a hysterical cat to make Cinny and Nutter come running to “help” the cat in distress. I’ve even had the confused Cinnamon try to stick her head in my mouth trying to find that poor kitty that must be stuck down there somewhere (trust me she didn’t get anywhere near me!)

When surfing through youtube one day I came across a video of a “mean kitty”. I have to wonder a bit if this was truly a mean kitty, or one that hated cameras or just was not well treated, it’s hard to say. While playing it I noticed that Cinnamon woke up and started to run around looking for this upset cat. I quickly grabbed my camera and took a video of her reactions. Unfortunately they weren’t as funny as the first initial moments but they are still good for a laugh. I had a bad cold when I filmed it so my laughing ended up making me break into a coughing fit. Still a classic Cinny moment.

P.S. Please ignore our terribly messy office…

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