Who puts the Ape in Apricot?

Tom’s schedule has provided us some very rare (up until now) and very much cherished weekends off together as a family. It was Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend and although my family has never done the whole turkey thing (in fact we had Thanksgiving homemade hamburgers) I was sure thankful for such a nice day.

We were lucky to have a break in the weather today so Tom, Sean and I decided to head out in the fresh air and do a walk-about. The goal was to try and catch some shots of the changing foliage.

We headed first out to Boundary Bay park but there wasn’t a whole lotta trees there. Not a whole lotta much in general actually. It seems to be a nice place to take your dog to play in the water which a lot of people were doing despite the signs that say no pets are allowed near the waterfront (go figure).



Tom and Belinda (taken by Tom)

We grabbed a few shots and then headed back out on the road TRYING to find a park with leaves changing. You’d think that wouldn’t be such a tall order as you can see them happening in neighbourhoods all over the place. We decided to try Bear Creek Park, one of our usual haunts. Surely with the sheer number of trees there we were sure to find a whole bunch changing to fall colours. Well.. not so much. There were some but the bulk of the trees were just as green as ever. Hopefully we will have another chance to head out in decent weather when they do get colourful. Still it was a nice day out and we goofed around and took some more pictures while we were there…

I was trying to get Sean to be a model for me… throwing some of the dried leaves in the air. He complied but less then enthusiastically..



I still managed to get a couple of half decent shots. My camera isn’t DLSR so it isn’t super fast on the multiple shots but still kind of a neat effect.


Us (taken by Tom)

We headed home as dinnertime was closing in and we had our Thanksgiving Hamburgers and finished with watching the Wizard of Oz which Tom said is something that regularly plays down in the States around Thanksgiving, at least when he was growing up.

Speaking of the Wizard of Oz, have you ever noticed how pervy the Tin Man seems to be? I mean when he’s singing his little “If I only had a heart” song to Dorothy and every time he looks at her his eyes turn all sly and well, lecherous looking. It used to really creep me out as a child and I pointed it out to Tom a few years back when we first watched the movie together. He had never noticed it before but he saw what I meant immediately. Since then we make up our own lyrics and leer at each other while singing them along with old Tinny. There is also a scene when they are climbing up the hill to Witch’s castle to rescue Dorothy where the Tin Man is hanging onto the Lion’s tail which looks all kinds of wrong.  Maybe we just have dirty minds?

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