Pretty in Pink

After a long wait my “Flamingo Pink” Dell Inspiron 1521 arrived and she’s lovely! I haven’t named her yet. Yes, I will name her, I name everything. I know, lame. Whatever.

Cinny was right there checking it out when I was unboxing…

My new Pink Dell Inspiron 1521

Of course the minute the box was empty she claimed said box for her very own. At least until it was time to box it up again for the night. I SO have to get a case for her now. The laptop, not Cinny.

My new Pink Dell Inspiron 1521

She’s kind of metallic pink, sorta reminiscent of the Pink Razor phones that came out last year. It’s a nice bold pink, not wishy-washy and not too bright thank goodness. Pink! I LOVE pink! I love the fact I can get a laptop in PINK!

My new Pink Dell Inspiron 1521

My new Pink Dell Inspiron 1521

All in all it’s a pretty nifty system and I’m a happy camper.

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One Response to Pretty in Pink

  1. Chrissy says:

    My mom and dad Told me my Christmas Gift
    and its the pink Dell laptop I Screamed I CAN NOT WAIT TO GET IT
    it looks Good very Good and oh man I Do not know if I Can sleep tonight
    I am just so happy its what I Have wanted for so long I hope every one will have the Best Christmas like me I Don’t want it to be just me to be happy I Want every one els to be happy I hope god will bless your Christmas
    He Loves you Very much Christmas is not just about Gifts its about when are God was Born God bless you all and have the Best Christmas ever.

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