Get a haircut and get a real job

So today I get a phone call from a telemarketer. So? Yeah I know it is nothing new, just that this guy who works for a credit card company picked the wrong gal to call and frankly the wrong time.

I’m working from home a lot lately which has it’s pluses; roll out of bed and work in my jammies with some gnarley hair going on and home brewed coffee to name two but there are down sides too. Lack of social contact (which also has a plus and minus side but that’s another story) and freaking calls all day long.

Normally I ignore them, but with all the mail ordering and stuff we’ve been doing lately I do pick up the odd phone call and it is usually the wrong one. The sneakiest ones to me are the ones out of the US. They call from various States where my lovely MIL lives or Tom’s three Sisters so they’ve fooled me that way too. They probably don’t know that but still…

Don’t get me wrong, yeah OK they are gainfully employed instead of being a blister on the ass of society (unlike my Sister and a few other relatives, again another story) but can’t they get, like a real job? With the job market so open there HAS to be alternatives. I so can’t wait for the do no call registry to happen, that is if it ever does…. I am so signing my ass up for that. I’m a big girl, I can figure out who I want to purchase from or donate my money to by my very own self.

Anyway, this time I absent-mindedly answer my phone while I’m in the middle of dealing with a nice juicy project issue thinking I’m at the office (phone+ring= answer when I’m in office mode) and this guy calls to tell me that they are SENDING me a platinum card and that I’ve qualified for a low low rate blah blah blee and it took a second to sink in. So I excused myself and interrupted him and asked him where he was calling from again (I didn’t catch it because of the accent) and to repeat what he said. He said again where he was calling from and that they are sending me this card.

So I tell him I’m not interested in the card and he had best not send one. He asked why so I said well first of all I have enough cards (but it’s a great low rate!) and did he just say they were sending me a card, one I didn’t ask for? You can’t send a card I didn’t apply for I say. I went on to lecture him about how the credit card biz works (as in fact I AM in the know) and he tried to get me off the phone realizing I was a lost cause but I wouldn’t let him. HA! See how it feels now Charley! How many poor saps have you had tried to get rid of you?? After my lecture he then changes his tune to say well of course they would so kindly assist me to complete an application and only with my permission send me this oh so wonderful card. I told him perhaps they may rethink their sales techniques and hung up. What can I say, being bitchy made me feel so much better.

Normally I’m a fairly polite person and I will so no thank you and if they let it go I appreciate it and I will say buhbye now. Sometimes if they try still nicely for that one lassst try I will say a firm no thanks and hang up the phone. When they get aggressive, well, I get aggressive. I’ve scared away car salesmen with a snarl when they follow me around a lot while browsing (sharks!) and man oh this one time there was a furniture sales guy that was handing our roses and literally followed us around the entire store.  That guy got an earful from me as well after a few polite no-thank-yous and a few intence glares. The place is out of business now I was pleased to see.

My Mother says I take after my Dad when it comes to scaring people away but I dunno about that, he used to sic my mother on the ones that came to our door while he slunk away. I think maybe the really cold stare I take after my Dad when I’m pissed though.. too bad it doesn’t translate over the phone

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