Chew the food on the left hand side

I have been not so silently suffering from tooth-aches for the last couple of months due to my crappy-ass poor genetics. I say not so silently because I don’t think I’ve ever done anything silently in my life never mind chew with pain, and I’ve been chewing with pain.
Over the years I have taken really good care of my teeth, mostly because when I first started working at 17 I was unceremoniously kicked off my Dad’s dental plan and my employer didn’t offer part timers any benefits. So since I was 17 I have had nary a cavity, though as a kid I can’t say the same.

Part of that was my own fault and part of it genetics but I do have quite a few fillings, especially in the molars and they be failing big time now. I guess I have to give them some credit they hung in for many many more years than I thought they would. One of them recently decided however that it wanted to crack and not just a little crack but a good size ouch it effin hurts to eat/drink/breathe air crack.

It’s not so easy to get into the dentist and when you can get it in usually takes a while to get all the stars to align so they can do the treatment. My treatment meant a nice gold crown on my back left molar. My dentist rocks, he has to be one of the nicest most patient dentists out there, not to mention a dude I can really trust yanno? He’s not one of those “Oh well this microscopic mark on your xray COULD someday become something that could become a cavity, so lets fill it now” kinda guys. It also means he’s a busy guy. He’s older and the day he retires I have no idea what I’m gonna do.

Anyway, after several appointments to grind shape and mould my teeth I am now the proud owner of a shiny new crown.

Happily now I can also chew on my left side, I’m a left handed (mouthed?) chewer. I didn’t realize it until I was no longer able to.

I will also happily stop whining about my tooth to all and sundry. And all is right with the world.

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2 Responses to Chew the food on the left hand side

  1. Tom says:

    Oh geez, now I’m gonna spend the rest of the night singing “Chewwww the foodie on the left-hand side….”

    (bum bum beedle-ee, bum bum beedle-ee —AHHH!! KILL ME NOW!!)

  2. americanuck says:

    Come on, admit it. Pass the Dutchie is one of your favourite songs.

    Actually the original version Pass the Kutchie is kinda cool and not quite so G-rated as Musical Youth and no where near as annoying. Psst it’s about Mari-gi-wana don’t tell!

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