Pink it’s like red but not quite

Years ago I went through this ridiculously girlie stage of needing to not only be surrounded by pink but also florals. I’m talking floral sheets, pictures even down to what I wore..

I think it was a complete 180 from my darker moodier teen years where all I wanted to do was wear black and wear too much eyeliner.

Even after I started to move a little more away from flowers the theme was still very strongly pink. At one point even my furniture was pink.. well more a dusty rose which is basically pink, shit even my WALLS were pink, though truth be told that wasn’t by choice that was just by circumstance and was too much even for me.

I’m a touch more selective in my pink obsession now and I tend to focus more on personal accessories like my laptop (who I’ve named Dita Von Dell), my clothes (of course) a fuzzy blanket here or there and kitchen gadgets. The furniture I’m happy to say lives very much in the neutral zone these days.

Tom and I were drinking our late morning coffee and going through the local paper’s ad inserts and I came across this OMFG how cute is that?? It is nice to know that I’m not the only one who combines their love of pink and love of gadgets all in one pinkalicious package! Yeah I do have a problem… heh.

Last year for Christmas Tom bought me a pink lava lap to go along with the purple one I had for years which will so go in our Mod room some day. After spending several hours mucking out our place together yesterday we turned on the lava lamps and watched the movie Music and Lyrics (which I love) and sipped some wine. There is just something so relaxing and hypnotic about a lava lamp… see even Cinny thinks so.

Cinny caught up in the wonder that is lava
(Click on picture to see it larger)

I have to say though, people by the light of a lava lamp can look quite skeery..


Especially with that look in Tom’s eye!

Lava Lampage

Peace out!

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