Nahm Nahm Nahm

Nahm Nahm Nahm

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Today was a good day, a relaxy day. I had the day off work and I slept in. Of course Cinny did her best to wake me up several times.

I felt her paw tap on my face several times and more than a few times she placed her kitty lips really close to my ear and howled. Nothing quite like a Siamese howl to shock you out of the nicest dreams and she knows it. She also knows to run like hell out of the room when I sit up and flail around trying to find her in the dark. In the end I stayed in bed until around 9:45 which was awesome.

When I did finally drag my butt out of bed I realized that I has missed my old friend Karen’s call. Karen I’ve known since I was 2 and who I lost touch with after my divorce. Thanks yet again to Facebook we are yet again able to talk to each other, how cool is that?

We spent something like an hour on the phone with each other. Turns out she and her family moved to Alberta back in 2001 and she had another kid who is 2. Man! I’m telling you, there are so many friends of mine that have little guys and here I am with these grown kids!

After the call I made some yummy cheese tea biscuits and a nice pot of coffee and settled down to watch tv and not.think.about.anything. Nice!

Tom’s off again this weekend and we have plans to tackle the long border lines (or rather hopefully not if we leave early enough) and do some of the Xmas shopping for the US family. This stuff gets mailed from the States alleviating the whole issue of packages crossing the border and all the accompanying delays, plus we have a chance to do some of our shopping (ROSS!!) and a nice seafood meal at Anthony’s in Bellingham… hopefully!

Tonight is Chinese food dinner, some nice wine and a family DVD movie night.


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