Down South

Man I am behind, here it is almost a week later and I’ve yet to write about our adventure cross border shopping last Sunday. Ah well, so this will be two posts today.

We got up super early a necessary evil these days unless you enjoy sitting in your car for hours on end staring longingly at the distant border post and dying for your first cup of life giving coffee. As it is, we got to the border somewhere between 7:30 and 8:00 with maybe a 15 -20 min wait, and the border dudes kind of laughed at how early we were considering yanno, the shops don’t open early on Sunday. Um, they work there at the border right? They SEE the crazy that this has become!! Anyway, we had a breakfast ahead with that longed for coffee waiting for us and sure, some time to kill.

We fueled up and after a nice relaxing breakfast Tom suggested that we head down to Burlington, a wee bit father down the I-5 which happens to have another Ross. Please? Like I needed to be asked twice? The one in Bellingham wasn’t going to open until 10 and we DID have time to kill. When we got there though, we found out the damn store didn’t open until 11!!! Good thing there was a Khols and Linens n things to check out. While in there I found this awesome Shiatsu chair pad massage thingie that OH MY GOD felt good. I’ve had some bad experiences with massages from real people before but this thing felt amazing. It was warm and rollie and kneaded the kinks right out. To be honest I could have sat there quite a while longer but I think the store would have frowned on that.

Even after all that we STILL had time to kill before Mecca opened and we popped into the Old Navy. I don’t tend to go in there much in the States as we have them up here too but I’m sure glad I did. I found several cheap pairs of ballet flats (shoes that I would LIVE in year round if weather permitted. So even if Ross turned out to be a bust, at least I had shoes.



Waiting in anticipation!!

Good thing it would turn out that shoes did make me happy, both the Burlington and Bellingham Ross stores were total wash outs. Nothing!! I’ve almost always found at least a few things. *sigh*

We had our usual Linner at Anthony’s and the weather cleared up enough for us to take some pictures from the walk way near the restaurant.



The sun when it started going down was really pretty.


After when we were walking to the car Tom realized that he hadn’t taken his usual group picture in front of the sign picture so here it is, granted the sign is a wee bit farther away than usual …


We broke routine this time and headed to the mall AFTER eating and I bought the most awesome soft robe at Bath and Body works along with a few more lotions and potions. I swear Tom makes me go in there every time we go even if I say I don’t NEEEEEEEEEED to. That store is like crack to me.

We also went on a quest for hot fries. I love hot fries and for whatever reason they don’t sell them here. I happened to find out after doing some online research that some Rite-Aid stores in WA state sell them cha-ching! We managed to grab four small bags which is better than nothing along with a couple of other flavours (which kind of sucked). The are not Tom’s hot fries but I can’t ever get those unless I go to Georgia and last time I had only enough room to stuff a couple in my suitcase :(

It was dark and later than we had hoped by the time we started heading to the border. We had stopped off at the grocery store and then on a seemingly impossible task of finding a post box(!) to mail off Sister Carol’s Xmas present (yes it’s early but we didn’t want to go anywhere closer to Xmas this year). It was nuts, you’d think the damn things would be everywhere but not so much.

When we took the off-ramp to the truck crossing (normally the shorter, less touristy border) we screeched to a halt right there. Ugh. Didn’t look good. Turns out it looked worse than it actually was because it was maybe just slightly over an hour before we hit the border itself. Not bad.  When we got there we declared our goods, not much this time really at least compared to previous trips and the guy waved us through. I’m sure we were small fish compared to all the people snapping up the expensive stuff these days so not worth sending us in. Score!

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