Fricking snow

Have I ever mentioned how much I HATE SNOW??

I’m sure I have..

When I heard the call for wet snow I had that awful sinking feeling in my gut. I hate driving in that stuff. I’m scared shitless and my car, lovely as it is sucks in the slushy kind of snow. Even my old crappy metro did better but the best I ever had was my old Honda Civic.

A half hour before I had to go pick up Chris and drive Sean to his Father’s it must have started because I did keep my eye out periodically through the day. Of course when I had to go out it was snowing like crazy. By the time I had picked up Chris and started to head down their Dad’s way it was scary! The roads were so slippery and just turning slowly from the more main road off onto the side road that leads to his place my car started to slide sideways. Just as that happened the ABS light when on in my car and never went out again.


Sure, the very first time my ABS fires at all, it fails. Nice! I’ve never set the ABS off before.

Chris tells me to send him a message in Facebook when I get home (he’s as bad a worrywart as me) so after my white knuckle drive home it starts easing up to more like wet snow the closer I got here. I was planning on stopping at the store on the way back tonight but sod that I decided to come straight home and look up what the light meant in my car. It says as long as the brake failure light isn’t on I’m alright, I’ve got brakes, but I have to take it in for flippin’ service. Blah!! I hate car problems almost as much as I hate snow!

I took a quick walk to the nearby A&W to grab dinner (again, nothing much in the house as I was planning on doing some shopping) and took a couple of quick shots with my old camera. It doesn’t look like much but it’s mushy and was way worse further South.

yuck snow! 007

yuck snow! 004

yuck snow! 001

When we move, we are definitely moving to warmer climates, but one with dry heat. Less chances of Palmetto bugs, at least I hope!

Hmm…. snow, Palmetto bugs…snow, Palmetto bugs..

Second thought, Monterey Bay area sounds pretty good to me right now.

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