Jukebox Hero

Guitar Hero 004

Originally uploaded by Americanuck

Sean has discovered the magic that is Guitar Hero. Of course for us it is listening to the clicking noise from the little guitar dealie while Sean pushes the buttons along with the coloured prompts on the screen.

He seems to enjoy it, though I guess I don’t really “get it”.

It could be a gender thing, or a generational thing but I’ve never really found any of the magic of video games that others do.

I was more the pinball kind of gal and even then…..only when the mood struck.

Sean sat there with the little fake guitar in hand clicking away, sometimes missing the prompts (the sounds of which set me off into fits of laughter) for hours.

Like I say, I don’t get it, but I’m thinking from the commercials that I may be in the minority.

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One Response to Jukebox Hero

  1. LeBlanc says:

    This game is like crack for my wife. She is not a gamer or too much of a rocker but Guitar Hero may require true rock’n’roll rehab.

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