Christmas wrapping

Tom and I buckled down last night and today and got the gift wrapping out of the way. We don’t mind the wrapping it just seemed quite daunting the sheer quantity of things to wrap. We wrap the stocking items too, an addition to our Christmas traditions from Tom’s childhood so it’s a lot of wrapping. This makes the unwrapping fun though.

Tom wrapped my presents on the dining room table and I was spread out on the bed with his stuff. Cinnamon being the nosy creature she is HAD to come investigate and insert herself into the whole gift wrapping process. Several sheets of wrapping paper got pretty wrinkled after she tromped all over it..

xmas wrapping 021

She also can’t ignore the siren song of an open box, no matter how small.

xmas wrapping 026

Nutmeg kept a very careful eye on me as I slowly surrounded him in the pile of wrapped gifts.

xmas wrapping 052

After I finished wrapping the gifts I stuck a left over bow on Miss Cinny, she was not impressed. I think she’ll be happy when the Christmas season is over and the temptation to decorate her is finally gone.

xmas wrapping 056

xmas wrapping 071

There just isn’t any dignity….

So to be fair, I also decorated myself.

xmas wrapping 086

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