Caffeine free

Along with our TV which seems to be dying a slow pixelated death, our newish coffee maker decided to bite the bun this morning. When I’m on vacation. During Christmas. When we’ve already HAD our fill of stores!

We have zero luck with coffee makers. Granted they are used as opposed to sitting on the counter gathering dust but they should last longer than a few months or even a year without going to meet their maker. My coffee makers tend to normally die a dramatic death. One decided to dump all it’s water onto the counter while the heating element sat in the large pool of spreading water. Yay! I got to cheat death (or at the very least a nasty shock) by leaning over to try and unplug the sucker.

The last one we had would run the water through the filter and coffee and then splatter it all over the counter missing the carafe entirely. Fortunately that one didn’t have a keep hot element in the base as it was an insulated pot so the danger level went down a touch.

This latest death appears to be rather anti-climactic. I need to check with Chris later today to see if he had any issues when he made his pre-work pot this morning but by the time Tom and I got up later this morning, the light went on but no nectar of the gods was flowing for us today. No welcome burble, just a mocking silence and dry, dry coffee grounds.

Tom made a haphazard search for the receipt to take that sucker back but he had to leave for work.  We may just consider this another write off if we can’t find it. If he can, he suggested that he picks up another coffee maker and if we find the receipt for exchange we can put that in storage waiting for the next inevitable failure.

So here I sit, caffeine free and feeling quite sorry for myself. Sure I could run across the street and buy myself a coffee. I live a block away from a Tim Horton’s for crying out loud. But I’m lazy and I would rather wallow in my self pity than rouse myself to get dressed.

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2 Responses to Caffeine free

  1. Michelle says:

    You have more will power than me..I would walk 10 miles for a cup in the mornin.

  2. americanuck says:

    Most days I would do the same, or at least walk the whole block ;) but sometimes the siren song of laziness is too strong to resist!

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